Cold Blood Thrum

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Benevolent alien
Favorite son of the queen Saurosapien
Fled the empire cause Earth was so magnificent

Born in a star-jungle under two suns
I come down, I’m in the sights of a man with a gun
Earth ain’t a safe place to be when you’re a little bit different

Come on out to me
Show you what I see, make my cold blood thrum

I’m parked up in the Oort Cloud
It’s too quiet there, I like it loud
In outer space no one can hear you singing

You know I’m not your enemy
My ship’s love powered, I got big lizard energy
Got so much bass the superstructure’s ringing

When you come to me
Give me what I need, make my cold blood thrum

Now let’s get on the same page
And let the lizard light up this primordial stage
Synthesized riffs to overload your speakers

Check the spectrometer
It’s so dense that humans call me the Monitor
Turn up the dial, it’ll blow you out of your sneakers

When you come to me
I come in peace, make my cold blood thrum